Wimmera Southern Mallee Development’s Settlement Services supports people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to settle in the Wimmera Southern Mallee.

Services include individual client casework, assistance with driving lessons, homework clubs, social networks such as playgroups and sewing group, and linkages to other support services. WSMD considers migration a primary driver to the prosperity of the region and works with a range of partners and stakeholders to deliver services, support communities and advocate for migration as a regional priority issue.


Migration Strategy, Resources & Regional Advocacy

Wimmera Southern Mallee Development’s vision is to grow the Wimmera Southern Mallee from a $3.3-billion region to a $5-billion region by 2030. Population growth driven by migration is essential to that that vision.

The settlement of Karen refugees at Nhill has contributed economically and culturally to the life of the town while offering opportunities for employment and social participation to the refugee settlers. The settlement has added more than $105-million to the local economy during the decade since it began while also providing rich cultural and social benefits to the town. AMES Australia commissioned two reports to track the benefits to the region.

National Settlement Framework 2021


Sector Quality Framework

The WSMD follows the recommendations in the Settlement Council of Australia’s Settlement Service Best Practice. The Settlement Sector Quality Framework (1Mb PDF) describes the outcomes that need to be achieved for refugees and migrants to be considered ‘settled’, and how settlement services go about achieving these outcomes in practice. The Self-assessment Tool (1Mb PDF) provides more detail about what an effective settlement support service can provide.

he WSMD does not provide assistance with migration. Please contact an accredited migration agent.


For more information about our Settlement Services contact Sara Barron.