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Strategic Plan

With an eye clearly on the future, the launch of our 2023-2027 strategic plan is intended to shape and guide the region’s economic, cultural, social and environmental opportunities over the next decade

Our Strategy

With an eye clearly on the future, the launch of our 2023-2027 strategic plan is intended to shape and guide the region’s economic, cultural, social and environmental opportunities over the next decade. Our ambitious plan, developed via extensive stakeholder consultation and evidenced based economic and social trend analysis, delivers our exciting 2032 vision, all dedicated to empowering economic growth and supporting our vibrant communities. The 2023-2027 strategy is an important building block in making the vision for our region become alive.


Strategic Pillars

The plan’s guiding strategic pillars and priorities support agriculture and its digitalisation pathway, growth in food processing industries, industry diversification with renewable energy and the gold and critical minerals expanding, our growing tourism sector and assists the Wimmera Southern Region to transition to lowering the region’s carbon footprint. It addresses critical regional challenges with access to equitable healthcare and childcare and our dire housing shortage, including fit for purpose housing. Our 2023 actions are clear, they are innovative, and support our nimble vision. Our strategies also complement Regional Partnerships – Wimmera Southern Mallee 30-year Horizon Highway vision, for 90,000 people, a $9 billion economy and a low emissions economy by 20501 .

Economic Growth

The Wimmera Southern Region has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, with the region estimated to currently deliver $7.126 billion in annual economic output2. The continued impacts of COVID-19 have meant that our community resilience has been forever tested. However, the way our community has rebounded into the recovery phase highlights the strength and vibrancy of our region, placing the Wimmera Southern Region in a strong position to grow our population, reduce our carbon footprint and strengthen financial self-sustainability. This provides a ripe opportunity for the launch of our strategic plan as we set our sights on the region’s future growth, removal of livability barriers and building community and economic resilience.


Recent Changes

Wimmera Southern Mallee Development (WSM) has undergone significant changes during 2021 – 2022. WSM has transformed from an Association (Wimmera Development Association) to a Company Limited by Guarantee and through the process has implemented new governance structures and increased organisational resourcing. These changes further support our people and reinforce our commitment and capacity to deliver upon our strategic plan, providing significant community benefit and future regional prosperity.


Engaging stakeholder partnerships with our five local government councils West Wimmera, Hindmarsh, Yarriambiack, Northern Grampians and Horsham municipalities is more important than ever, along with strong Victorian and Australian government relationships and engagement with our vibrant communities, GWM Water, Wimmera CMA, local businesses, and industries. We value our culturally rich first nation’s history and collaboration with the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia, Jupagulk and Dja Dja Wurrung peoples. Our shared regional vision and the support of our stakeholders is essential and will see our region collectively deliver upon this ambitious plan.


Strategic Pillars & Priorities

Enable Growth

Identify and empower projects that enable growth and capture value for the region.

  • Leverage the electrification of our region and the nation to ensure our community benefits.
  • Influence the growth of the region’s digital agriculture and food processing capability.
  • Have ongoing employment of over 300 Full time equivalent in renewable energy and minerals sector in the WSM region.
  • In 2027 Wimmera Mallee Tourism has growth in Visitor expenditure, Visitor nights and Direct jobs servicing the tourism sector.

Remove Barriers

Enable and support projects that remove barriers to economic growth.

  • All WSM communities have accessible childcare.
  • All children are able to access consistent, quality allied health (specifically speech and occupational therapy) in the WSM region.
  • The 2026 census shows population growth of at least 1% annually since 2021
  • Over 1000 new homes are built in the region by 2027.

Build Resilience & Sustainability

Foster a culture of problem-solving within the region and local communities.

  • WSM provides the community evidence to lead and support advocacy for the region.
  • Building leadership capability of the community and upskill the current and next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs within the community.
  • Create opportunities to commercialise technology, services and learnings.